Saturday, July 06, 2013

new eyebrows

I wasn't sure about this dress at first as it seemed a little frumpy and middle aged. but then I remembered, hey! I am middle aged (maybe not frumpy, lets not go mad!).

anyway, i spent a good part of today wearing it and completely forgot about it fairly quickly. Just starts to feel oh so normal, especially when the flatmate no longer so much as bats an eyelid at whatever you're wearing. Mind you, no feedback at all on my dress is quite confusing. A "that's nice" or occasional, "not sure that suits you" wouldn't go amiss. Still having to entirely trust my own judgement here.

Anyway, think I've worked out what the photos and the dresing have been all about. Apart from the fact that I have always been driven to put on women's clothes, there has been a fair old whack of method in my madness. The camera is an objective all seeing eye and although it can be used to deceive, especially with photo-shop, it gave me an unerring view of myself in these clothes.

Sometimes it can be too harsh, and sometimes deceptively flattering, but overall you quickly get a sense of your strengths and weaknesses. I've been using my dressing sessions over the last 4 or 5 years to build on my strengths. cheap clothes from ebay allowed me to try out all sorts of styles without committing any serious money - same with cheap make up.

Recently I've been able to stop photo-shopping images that I post on the internet. a lot of it has come from within me though. I may not look like a woman, but I feel increasingly womanly and have the confidence I need.

this is the first pic i took of my eyebrows after getting them done - I'm rather pleased with them, I must say.

this image was moderately photo-shopped due to me being drunk when i took it, with bad make up and hair :-/

Although i only applied a mono chrome filter... that's all...

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