Sunday, November 03, 2013

Pheonix Support Group

I'm so happy that someone has taken the time to set up a support group in north Kent. Its the land that time forgot. Attitudes to anything slightly away from the statistical norm are so bizarre. The people round here are like cave men!  Ug!!  A man dressed as a woman...  kill her/him/ it !!!  

Anyway, having copped out of going last month I felt doubly keen to go this month. Initially I decided I'd wear trousers. the option of going in andro mode and changing at the meeting was something i never considered, after all, how many women behave like that? I like to wear a skirt when I'm going out, so it was never in question what I wanted to wear, and what was appropriate to wear. And finally, I came to my senses and put on the clothes that I knew I needed to wear. See photos below. 

I got a lift from my extremely supportive landlord/ flatmate down to the industrial estate near Dartford. So glad I didn't try to find it by myself. Had to phone the organiser and she came down to meet me, in a bright red dress like a beacon, so I couldn't miss her.

The meeting was nice and relaxed. I met some new girls.. mostly out for first time - or at least in early days. And I realise how far I've come. I actually pass a lot of the time.. something I never dreamed would happen. But I increasingly feel motivated to put somehting back, having had so much support from various people along the way, both trans and cis.

Coming home, I was nervous. After all, this is Kent and I have Dartford down as a serious no go area!! However, the journey home was one of the least eventful I have ever experienced. Sat in a shelter on the station cos it was raining and while i sat there with my legs crossed, tweeting three blokes came and stood with me and one talked to me (eek!!) but showed no sign of reading me (though I'm sure he did).

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