Friday, June 01, 2007

I haven't blogged for ages. My work became very demanding with certain documents desperately overdue, and being my responsibility, I had to put a lot of effort in to get them out on time. My personal life has gone into meltdown. S and I cannot be in each other's company at the moment.
On the brighter side, I've been learning Spanish. I had my 6th class yesterday, so far we've done introductions, ordering food, telling the time, counting, jobs, etc. I missed two due to ill health and a Patti Smith concert. Patti Smith is not an artist I'm particularly fond of, so when a friedn asked if I wanted to buy his extra ticket to see her at Camden Roundhouse, I nearly said no. And then I thought, if I go I have at least seen this iconic artist, albeit not at the leak of her career. However, she was mush better than I expected. Her voise hasn't changed. Her band were excellent. She did improved versions of her hits, or well-known songs, and quite reasonable covers from her latest album. The Tears For Fears cover was crap, and so was her version of a Beatles song, but I can forgive a couple of lapses from the otherwise very high standard. She was very chatty too - telling jokes - I didn;t realise she had a sense of humour.

Wilco were anything but chatty when I saw them at Shepherd's bush last week. But they can play better than any band I've ever seen, with high quality songs to match. It was one of the top 5 gigs I've ever seen. I said that last week, and stand by it now.

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