Monday, June 18, 2007

Cuban Festival in Southwark Park

I spent the weekend with S. We went for a look round Camberwell on Saturday - it's the arts festival - although we didn;t see much.

Sunday - Cuban festival in southwark Park. Again, not great. One stage of music that I wasn't very into - and a hundred stalls for Salsa holidays in Cuba.

The pictures I took are of the most important thing at any festival - that is if you're not drinking, which we're not; not together anyway.

Look at those Chorizos!!

We did have some nice food though. Despite not drinking we tried to buy a mojita - they sold out while we were in the queue. So we still didn't drink.

Hee hee - look at this (below) from TNT Magazine. This guide for Aussie and Kiwi travellers reckon that the country we know as France, is actually called spain. I'm most impressed by the fact that they labelled up Madrid, Bunol and Valencia, and still noone noticed!! Unless it was done for a bet.

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