Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rain chips aggressive cabby

Chips Shops I Have Known: a new feature
I stopped to have chips here during the peak of the rain last night. It's in New Cross. They do small medium and large chips, and curry sauce. The chips were good, not anything special, but it was a stingey portion even for small. the curry sauce, again, good, I've had worse, I've had better. No sultanas in it thankfully.

This is the cab that hooted me out of the way this morning - I was cycling about as far left as you can get without hitting the kerb. After the hoots I moved out a bit and then held my ground. He passed me anyway, putting me in a very dodgy position for quite a while, going along Marylebone Road. I've reported him to the licensed taxi people.

Near Northumberland Park - there's a bit of a cycle netwrok up there - doesn;t look heavily used though:

I was quite smug about the weather - huge parts of country flooded, all of it up north. Sheffield was particularly hit, alhtough my friend Andy who lives there reckons he barely noticed, except for what he saw on the news.

Then yesterday we got very heavy rain. but it wasn't like they had up north. I got very wet cycling home, which isn;t really a problem.

Today - sun's out again, but we've got severe weather warnings for the weekend, not in London though, I don;t think.

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