Thursday, June 14, 2007

Photos with my New camera

My company have bought me a digital camera. It's not bad you know. Here's a bit of London I pass through most days: Loampit Hill. This is a junk yard that's been here for years - as far back as I can remember. The stuff they have out on the pavement is never disapointing.

A cuban bar in waterloo - note the Uncle Sam figure looking very pissed off in the corner. Close up below:

I seem to have dried up a bit on this blog. The options are rant about politics, go on about cycling, or post up endless trivia. I prefer to keep things political, but things have been so bad recently I've found it all far too depressing. So I'm going down the trivia route. Strangely enough, I've been watching Big Brother in the past two weeks. It confirms all the negative feelings I have about young women. What a bunch of spoilt brats.

I've got a new wheel on my bike - the old one kept popping spokes, 7 in total last friday. I was in imminent danger of ending up on my ass. I reckon I can get from home to central London (Baker street) in around 75 minutes.

Finished "Complicated Shadows" an Elvis Costello biog. I enjoyed it. As always though, there's the feeling that it didn't delve deep enough for the true fan - as I am - especially the last ten years; it leapt from one reocrd to the next, via tours and marriage break-ups. I don't think he got close to anyone who is currently part of the Costello camp, therefore he covered the attraction years in much more depth. Maybe he should have stuck to this era, and done it in more detail.

I think what comes out of this clearly is EC's massive ego. Those who have fallen by the wayside all cite it as both what attracted them to him and what drove them mad when with him, either as a colleague, a friend or a lover.

I've been listening to his records, and reassessing, although I haven't changed my views much.

Favourite EC albums:
1. Blood and chocolate
2. King of America
3. Delivery Man
4. Imperial Bedroom
5. All this Useless Beauty
6. Mighty Like a rose
7. Last Year's Model
8. Armed Forces
9. Trust
10. Almost Blue

I'm not keen on his ego boosting dabblings - Brodsky Quartet is OK, the Sofie von wotserface record is rubbish, etc. He's much better with a "beat" group.

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