Friday, June 29, 2007

Sooooo tired

This man was making a god-awful racket first thing this morning. These blowers are a real fucking nuisance. What's wrong with an old fashioned broom? they wake me up and stop me from thinking about anything but the bloody noise, while I'm trying to get ready for work, have breakfast, and start the day in some sort of decent framje of mind. No chance!!

Sooo tired. I've not had a good night's sleep for over a week. Late nights, early mornings. I have a tendency to stay up late anyway, but with all the good telly being on at midnight, and with me working late quite a lot now, I'm rarely in bed before 12.00, sometimes after 1.00 am, which might sound lame to you, but is a big deal if you have to be up for work at 7.00 every day.

I need my sleep. so I laid in a bit this morning. Still feel like crap though. Roll on Sunday.

The breakfast programme on 6music has been good this week, Gideon Coe has been presenting it instead of Shaun Keaveny. I was very upset when Phil Jupitos packed in doing it and sulked for weeks. I've just started listening again. But Keaveny's back again next week. I'm kind of getting used to him now, but it'll never be as good as Phil Jupitus. Keaveny doesn't play the range of different types of music that Jupitus did. He pretty much sticks to Indie classics and the playlist. Jupitus played everything, ska, reggae, dance, folk music, old classics, jazz, country, the lot.

The girl who served me in Tesco today was called Sultana.
The latest picture showing cycle lane misuse. I've noticed that the police cycle on the pavement and ride horses on the cycle lane. I was forced to take an illegal alternative route the wrong way up a one-way road.
Vauxhall Bridge - this may be the outlet of the River Effra - maybe.
I'd never really noticed this statue before. Funny place to put it:

Sinster looking statue in Hyde Park:

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