Thursday, October 08, 2009

Atheists Will Inherit The Earth

Middle america doesn't like it - buit their sons and daughters are throwing off the shackles of religion, and refusing to believe the 2000+ year old myths peddled in america's churches, by america's increasingly bonkers fundamentalists.

We all thought there was going to be a war between islam and christianity a few years back, but perhaps christians and rational people will end up fighting for supremacy?

Christians are hardly going to sit back and take it are they? They are not meek and they rarely turn the other cheek. They insist that atheists shut their mouths and compromise on their believes while the christians themselves become nuttier and ever more intransigent in their beliefs. soemthing's got to give.


Green Christian said...

Where do you get the idea that atheism is on the rise? Outside of Western Europe, it's actually religion that's on the rise.

You might want to read the book God is Back by John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge - which explores how religion, far from being the dead duck that the likes of Richard Dawkins wish it was, is actually thriving across the planet.

The Cat said...

I bet you didn't even read the article I linked did you?