Friday, October 30, 2009

How Twitter Warps Your Mind

I've been neglecting the blog again - still I've not had a lot to say. One thing that doesn;t help is when I go reading other people's blogs. Most of them cover the same sort of stories - recent ones have been Nick Griffin, Balloon Boy, etc. I've commented on all these things in Twitter, but to be honest I don;t do this just to write about the same stuff that everyone else is.

Twitter has been a revelation for me. I'm following about 400 odd Twitterers. Many of those I'm following are news streams: Independent, Financial Times, Guardian, New York Times, etc. I'm following quite a few comedians, environmental twitterers, and people that I've discovered by chance - some live near me - some clicked to follow me - some I turned up on random surfs.

I was really enjoying myself last weekend following the action using #swoop to find relevant posts. I even posted encouring tweets, and retweeted interesting #swoop tweets to others including the 130 odd who are following me at the moment.

Now I have a Twitter app on my phone I'm Tweeting every day - morning, noon and night.

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