Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Still Ill

I'm off work this week and next week...only due to go in on Monday to wrap up a few things and handover to my boss for the i had off. However, I immediately fell ill: Aching joints, sore throat, bad stomach, headaches, sneezing, lack of energy. It was a bit like flu in fact. I had yesterday off work as a result. No temperature though. Now today - I thought I was recovered...got up at 9.30 and did very little - cooked breakfast - played around on the internet till 12.00. Then I spent a couple of ours studying my IEMA notes, shaved, tidied my bedroom up a little, and realised I wasn't up to my full strength.

Still - needed to get out as I was cooped up all day yesterday. Went up to Welling to buy essential supplies. There was a quite nice blonde lady staring at me across the vegetable display in Lidl's but apart from that - uneventful. By the time I got through the checkout I was zapped of all strength, but didn't have my bus pass so had to walk. It was extremely slow progress, but got home exhausted. A nice little look forward to old age.

So I'm still ill. Tomorrow I want to go up to Bexleyheath library. Watch this space to see if I make it and home again.

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