Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Music

I've got a backlog of music now - still hooked on those Brian Eno CDs froma couple of weeks back - and the Fleet Foxes, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris are all still on the pod player.

This box-set is keeping me occupied - I'm on disc two at the moment - there's 4 music discs in the set, and a DVD all of excllent quality, featuring duets with Dolly Parton, Gram Parsons, Elvis Costello, and more.

This is last week's haul - a live Elvis costello album featuring jazzed up versions of old songs, Chemical Brothers Greatest Hits collection - which is very fine indeed, and Loretta Lynn's latest CD, produced by Jack White from the White Stripes.

And this week's - Divine Comedy; Funkadelic; Franz Ferdinand; British Seapower. all this is now on my pod-player.

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