Friday, October 30, 2009

picture show

I bought some old horror DVDs this week - the original Thing in a double set with the remake - Creepshow advertise with commentary by Romero (which wasn;t on there!!! *angry face*) and yesterday a three disc set of 1930s Dracula films starring Bela Lugosi...undead undead undead.

Creepshow's got it's good points and it's not really what's on the screen, more what is coming out of the speakers. The soundtrack for the segment that Romero wrote - the zombie sequence, funnily enough - is absolutely excellent - electronic, tense, reminscent of both Dawn and Dead in parts.

And then, last weekend I bought a 5 disc box set of all Romero's excellent zombie flicks, knowing full well that number six is already out there, but at £22 I couldn't resist. Dawn, Day and Land all have commentaries and Diary is full of extras. Second watching of Diary - with much less expectation and on a small screen and it seemed to work much better.

Day looks superb - I've only ever seen it on tv - and with it looking a bit grainy.

I also got to see Dark Star this week. At first I was taken aback with low quality picture and sound - looked like a VHS! But soon forgot that and got taken with the film. It is really funny - not so much the beach ball alien scene which is silly, but talking to the bomb about phenomonology; and the interaction between the astronauts. The scene with the dead captain being visited is pretty spooky and reminds me off the PK Dick's dead half life idea in -----.

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