Monday, December 27, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Christmas day is over, but we're still right in the middle of the Xmas period - the week that follows Xmas where we sit about stuffed with Turkey and Ham, suffering from acid reflux, and still drinking port and expensive beer from 11.00 in the morning.

I excused myself from the gorge fest this year. It does me no good at all. It's not as if I exactly deny myself the good stuff through the year. All Xmas offers is the chance to fill up on stuff I really like very much, like meat, cheese, chocolate, puddings and cakes. Meat does not suit me, I have an intolerance to both sugar and dairy, and my abilty to put down alcoholic drinks is much less than it used to be. Somewhere along the line I stopped practicing, so really after three beers, I've had more than enough.

I stayed in London. Two years ago I spent it with my parents and my sister. Three years ago I spent it with my wife and her family. This year I had one of those "sad lonely" Xmas that we're all programmed to recognise as some sort of failure. But it was absolute bliss. I had a chance to catch up (a bit)with all my backlogs - reading, listening and surfing. I also caught up with my laundry, sorted out my paperwork, and got a couple of stress free early nights.

Now that I've shrugged off the stress from work, I have a week to get some good stuff done. One of those things is sort out this blog. I have been rearranging the sidebar (right). I want it to stay up to date - which will require a lot less neglact from me. In the bar I'm going to link to the many good websites I come across during my daily surfing. i've started a few new sections - people's history - which so far has an excellent web page about the 1984/85 miners' strike. It's the best article I've seen so far recognising that agent provocateurs were used, that the police personalised the dispute and went well beyond their legal powers, and that press coverage was anything but balanced. also, lest we forget, the Labour Party disgracefully refused to support the strike, and once again let down the ordinary working people who they were set up to work for. No wonder they remained out of power for so long. Ed Milliband's slapping down of the new Unison boss, Len McClusky, implies that Labour Party will continue down its road of sitting on the fence when it comes to standing up against a destructive Conservative government.

Under News Of The World I will attempt to link to recent news articles that I think have far reaching global importance. We'll see how long I can keep that going.

Apart from that trying to finish what I started when I intially set the side bar up several years ago. There's some good links on there, but I realise it hasn't changed in a long time, and some of the links are hideously out of date.

Here are some of the new links:

One of the best websites challenging the pure liquid shite being passed as science or informed opinion by the fucktarded self styled "climate skeptics" or deniers, or climate wankers as I have decided I quite like to refer to them when slightly inebriated two days after xmas.

Comments from a front line Tory - hates the LibDems and thinks there may be a 2011 general election: - how typical are his views I wonder?
Strangely, for different reasons I sort of agree with him. This coalition is one forged in the depth of the fictional and Christian hell, and by Satan himself. It deserves to be strangled in its infancy. Any chance that it should continue beyond the next few months is an affront to God himself. Am I being too dramatic? Whatever, bring on the General Election, I say, things are not looking good for the Evil Coalition.

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