Monday, December 27, 2010

The History of The Cat In 100 Objects

Object Number One

Inspired by the radio four series, and the Collins and Herring version on 6Music, I've decided to do my own. I have no idea where this is going to take me over the course of the next 300 days or so. Hope you can follow me throughout this blogging experiment.

The first object is this:

I'm cheating slightly as my Mother isn't one of those sentimental mums who kept their kid's stuff in the attic; she started giving away my stuff even when I was still a kid - so therefore I do not own this toy any more. I first noticed when I couldn't find my Asterix books, which I hadn't even stopped reading!! No doubt she'd been giving my old stuff away for years but it was the Asterix books that were the first thing that I noticed because I hadn't finished with them! I was pretty upset at the time and still can't forgive and forget.

A few years later when I tried to retrieve my Top Trump and Mini Trump sets she'd done the same with them. No good trying to look after anything when you're living in my mum's house!

As for school books, drawings and that sort of thing - no chance!!

Last year she even told me that she'd begun considering chucking out the old photographs. I quickly made it clear that she was to pass them to me for scanning before throwing any of them out. So far I've got a couple of albums worth. I want to start working through my childhood photos asap, but that is for another blog.

This toy was one I owned around 1977 (I was about 10). It tied in with a Bond film - at that time I went to see every Bond film as it arrived in Plymouth, though that stopped when Octopussy came out. It looked like complete shite to me. Still haven't seen it.

The car had little hidden wheels to drive around on, and when you clicked the button it sprouted fins and a tail for submarine use. It also fired little orange missiles which inevitably got lost over time. Or the parents put them in the bin to stop me firing them across the living room while the news was on.

I had craved the all dancing version of the Aston Martin James Bond car which my friend had, and to be honest, the Lotus wasn't as good.

I used to have a lot of toy cars at the time - and pretty much wrecked most of them over time. When I got fed up with playing with them I used to try to wreck them - by putting in dents, smashing them together, etc. Though toy cars were pretty tough in those days. I think this Lotus was probably the last of the toy cars I ever owned as I started asking for records from about 1978 onwards, and toy cars suddenly became childish.

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