Saturday, December 18, 2010

December Will Be Tragic

I've made it another December. My birthday uncelebrations were two weeks ago - I've never understood why people celebrate getting older, or is it that people celebrate still being alive as it becomes ever more likely that you might just not wake up, or keel over in a second?

This week I was confirmed in my post at work. I scored highly in a skills and performance assessment and so have been saved from cuts this time. London Underground's Safety and environment Department - where I work - is undergoing cuts of around 33% to its personnel. the cuts are pre-entive; not yet due to government cuts, we won't see them until the conclusions of Project Horizon being conducted for TFL. Contrary to expectation, it turns out it has nothing to do with building a military base on the Moon, but is a re view of everything that TFL does - street maintenance, bus stop maintenance, regulate and run buses, etc. It will eventually dictate the course of budget cuts which will arrive in the next financial year.

Cuts to LU's Safety Department are being justified by the huge improvement in our safety performance in the few years. Less accidents = less safety staff required. But the counter argument would be, whether the huge improvement in safety can be sustained without proactive safety advisors being able to put themselves out on the front line where they need to be. For safety please read safety and environment, a bit much for me to keep typing. The feeling amongst advisors is that we may end up being stretched far too thinly, and my fears that environment will be taking a back seat to safety, and that environmental advisors will be required to take up quality and safety work possibly to the detriment of our environmental work. Still all this is up in the air and to be seen when I go back to work in 2011.

Personally, my main concern is to keep myself in gainful employment until this bunch of charlatans and crooks that call themselves a government are cast back into opposition. Though of course, by then the Labour Party may have reconstituted itself back into being the useless pro-capitalist warmongering neo-fascists (not a word I use lightly) that they were under Blair, and therefore fit for government once again.

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