Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Reason Why You should Never Vote Labour Again

The link is to a Guardian article

"Lady Taylor of Bolton – Ann Taylor – was minister for defence equipment for a year until 2008[, then] minister for international defence and security...has become an adviser to a French arms firm that supplies the government with billions of pounds worth of equipment."
Good to see that Labour is continuing its traditional of pacificism ; I like to see a poltician with prinicples(sarcasm - Ed). Ann Taylor's principles are clearly only about her bank balance and her personal standing.

Isn't it time we consigned the Labour Party to the rubbish bin of history for good?

Ann taylor's record as an MP? I think warmonger would not be too strong a word. I got this from a very useful website called They Work For You:

  • Voted very strongly for introducing foundation hospitals.votes
  • Voted strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.votes
  • Has never voted on replacing Trident.
  • Voted moderately for introducing ID cards.votes
  • Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.votes
  • Voted strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.votes

Here she is having a go at the Tories for appointing ex-army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt as adviser to the Tories during Lords questions on 3 November 2009.

Is that worse than a "socialist" using their privileged position in an elected left wing government to secure, first, a position in the unelected House of Lords, and secondly a position with an arms dealer selling arms to a British Tory government?

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