Friday, August 26, 2011

dream 26 08 2011

I dreamt I was in a secret force like the CIA. Precocious young woman straight out of college landed a place in on of the top units - a psi unit(?)

i was extremely envious and bothered by this. why hadn't i been offered the place. anyway i hung around the unit hoping to be brought in but always got cold shoulder from all of them. 

eventually grabbed a shot gun and ran into to their office to confront this young woman, and possibly kill her but somehow ended up pointing my gun at a teenage girl who said her mommy was just across the room. So I panicked and ran immediately out doors onto a concrete balcony overlooking a park and city. I dropped the gun over balcony and jumped an impossible drop. then ran a labrinthine route back to my own work station. 

noone ever seemed to suspect it was me. hoping the girl never got a good look at me. somehow it was the young woman who was alos the teenage girl.

the final scene with S and we had a DVD to watch (dad's army?) and she said we should watch it with a drink - i had wine but didn't want to tell S that I did.

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