Monday, August 08, 2011

London's Burning

The day started reasonably normal. There'd been riots in a few parts of town, but that's not really too unusual. however, things were to get very weird. I cycled home fairly oblivious to most of the events. It was only after arriving home in the evening that it became clear that the riots were taking place all over London.
There were rumours of rioting going through peckham and Camberwell. Immediately I was concerned about S. I sent her an email to check she was safe. We kept up the exchange of emails throughout the night.
I thought I was well out of danger, virtually in Kent. But then news came of a marauding mob heading up from Lewisham and catford towards Bromley; and another heading towards Eltham.
In the end there were fires and smashed windows in woolwich but nothing near me in Bexley or Welling.

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