Wednesday, August 10, 2005

August rant

We got the Olympics in the end, then, and I've noticed litter pickers in the Leyton area. Is this the reality of the Olympics - that the people of east London no longer have to walk around knee deep in crisp packets and drinks cans?

Robin Cook died, and Mo Mowlam looks like she's on the way. That's two more Blair opponents gone. I'm no fan of Cook, but I did hope that he'd continue to represent the anti Iraq War view for years to come.

If the London bombings had occured one day before we'd never have been awarded the Olympics of course. Blair's using July 7th as an excuse to bring in more oppresive "anti-terrorist" laws, at the same time the demonising of muslims has been stepped up. The police raided mosques even though the official report showed that the bombers did not organise in a mosque, or that the bombing was even religious. It was political. It was about the invasion of iraq.

Blair continues to maintain that the failed bombers from 21st july were linked to the previous attackers, even though the official report denies this.

To be honest I think the whole thing is fishy. How come the early claims by police that there were no suicide bombers, and that the bombs were attached to the underside of the trains, has been retracted, and suddenly a little gang of suicide bombers has been produced marching out from Luton station. None of them showed any indication of being extremist, and all of them carried items that seem to indicate they didn't intend to die that day.

The Iraqi war continues to rage - the death rate is increasing with no sign that the Americans can ever win. Even Iraqis that supported the invasion are protesting now.

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