Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Woolwich Common

I stopped by Woolwich Common on the way home and took these pictures of the barracks (right, and below right). It appears to be completely empty, and I can't help thinking that its a bit of a

waste, considering how much of a housing shortage there is in the South East of England. There's roads and houses in there, as well as the big buildings that I show in the pictures.

I used to live up the road from this complex, about 19 years ago. I think it was in use back then. I'd guess it's arms cutbacks that did for it. I'm going to have a nose around, try to find out if there are plans for these buildings. I reckon, a museum, luxury housing or officies, if the army don't want it any more.

Another apparently empty building owned by the army (left).

all this is kept firmly behind locked gates (below).

And then onto the common itself.

I noticed a few people picking blackberries - I sampled a few myself.

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