Wednesday, August 17, 2005


It's turned out nice again. Perfect weather for me to sod about taking pictures on the way into work.

Now I've worked out to upload them onto this site, nothing's going to stop me.

Above - the Thames Barrier.

After a late night involving both beer and wine, I got up at 7 this morning to make sure that the car had petrol in it. I found I didn;t know my way round Chislehurst Common as well as I ought to by now, when I nearly ended up going to the Chislehurst Caves, which is not where I live.

Anyway - it didn;t take me long once I'd turned the car round. Then I hopped on the bike and cycled to work. Via Shooters Hill and Woolwich.

Above, two pictures of Woolwich from the ferry, about half way across the Thames, and above them on the right, there is a picture of the Woolwich Ferry - look at the fantastic clear sky. It's not true what they say about the British weather, don;t you know. Woolwich is the new French Riviera.

Below, left, and right, is the Brick Lane Music Hall. I pass it going through Silvertown. I don't why it's called brick Lane Music Hall, since it's nowhere near Brick Lane.

reminder to myself to check this place out

But it is open and puts on shows. I understand it was recently restored using a great deal of public money. I think it may even have been part of a BBC Television Show which required the public to vote for the building most deserving of being saved.

Well, it's definitely saved now.

Then there's the Tate and Lyle refinery - the biggest sugar

refinery in the world - so Tate and Lyle claim.

It sits on Factory Road, opposite this railway, right, it's at the end of the line which probably expains why it looks so derelict, and probably the chief way that T&L employees get to work.

Planes flying into London City Airport swoop down over this body of water, left. You can see Canary Wharf in the distance. When Britain still had some industry here, this was a dock. Now its virtually deserted. That white building on the right is some huge exhibition centre where they hold both sci fi conventions and international arms fairs. On the left, a warehouse survives, though it'll probably end up being ,uxury flats.

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