Monday, August 22, 2005

Tower Bridge tourist pictures

Since every time I cycle over Tower Bridge there are at least two or three camera flashes going off, I've decided to include a section in my Blog for the pictures taken as a result of these flashes. Also, I fully expect to see myeslf cycling past in the background at some point.

this first one is from - they appear to be a band called Antiworld.

<----And they have fans that look like this <-----

<---- London, April 2004 This guy says: "On the southern side of the Tower Bridge. It's hard to tell from this photo, but the bridge is actually huge, stretching upwards at least four stories. The Thames river flows underneath; its distinctive odor may be one reason that all those people are in such a hurry." or it could be that they're on the way to work fuckspud!

These guys went just about everywhere in London during their stay in December 2004, and took a photo to prove it too.
this aussie is pretty much obsessed with what things cost - as this is all he talks about on his blog while also misunderstanding the significance of everything he's seen in London.

"Went over the Tower Bridge and walked around the Tower Of London. A bit confusing ... The Tower Of London is not really a "tower", is more like a bridge, London Bridge (which I thought was a major tourist attraction) is a small insignificant bridge, while the main bridge is actually called "Tower Bridge" (which is often confused for London Bridge). We did not go into the Tower Of London (Crown Jewels etc) today because it was nearly AU$30 to get in and we didn't think it was worth it while there were so many other things to see for free - I thought, if I collected the money from all the visitors, I could buy the crown jewels myself."

I think this bloke is from "Bombay" - this picture taken on Sunday May 29 2005

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