Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Trials of a Cyclist

I've been collecting over the last year, examples of what can make cycling less than pleasurable in London- blocked cycle lanes, ignorant motorists etc. That sort of thing.

This stretch of cycle lane is near Leyton, East London. With a number of businesses based alongside it, the path is rarely free of traffic even though it is on the pavement, and the road alongside is a one way road - which means cyclists need this lane in order to travel towards Leyton.

This guy (below) has decided to ram himself into a gap that gives him no advantage at all. Where's he going to go next? Unfortunatley, he's blocked the way forward for cyclists. After taking this photo I had to take the more dangerous option of overtaking on the right, risking on-coming traffic.

A caravan parked on the cycle lane.

And another major pain - this is the end of the canal side path, and I always have to end it scrabbling up this earthy mound.

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