Saturday, August 27, 2005

National Don't Shop at the Supermarket Day

the editor kept coming up with "errors on page" earlier this week. It meant I could do little more than add text. And I wanted to stick some more pictures up!

Well, it works now, so I've included some nice piccies, see below.

S. sent me a couple of web sites - there's and there's - and they both do what it says on the tin.

Please note that September 3rd is
Don't shop at the Supermarket Day
I hope that you all pay attention to this fact and act accordingly.

some more reasons why you shouldn't shop at supermarkets


this one shows Canary Wharf, taken from the Greenway:

This is a flat upstairs from the most dilapidated, yet still in business, pub in Britain, just along from the Tate & Lyle refinery:

the plant itself - with the above building in the foreground:

few of the original buidlings survive around this part of the Docklands - this is one - a wharehouse building - i'd guess someone has it earmarked for conversion to luxury flats.

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Outnumbered SAHM said...

you have great thoughts. Want to see something awsome...unlike the bloody suicide victim? Go to my blog and visit toothpick city. At the very least, it will make you wonder how people think up this stuff. Have a great day!