Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Daily Mail Agrees With Ken's Bonkers Scheme

The fact that the Daily Mail agrees with Ken Livingstone shows how out of step with reality he really is.
At the moment I still see children cycling - that will end once this sceme is brought in. No more borrowing other people's bikes. It'll be an open door for police harrassment of cyclists. Even law abiding registered bikes may be stopped to show their papers.
Ken says that there'll be no change for law-abiding cyclists. Apart from 600 squid a year to regster my family's bikes. The stopping and searching we'll be subjected to to make this sceme work. The stupid and inappropriate, rather large number plate I'm going to have to rivet to my bike!!
What happens when people come from outside London to cycle? They're going to have to register their bikes beforehand. More likely, no-one will bother, and cycling in the capital will die out.
I'm going to sabotage the leg of the Tour De France in London next year - the leg that Ken was so supportive of - if this scheme is to go ahead. If I can't cycle I don't agree that Ken can have a high-profile event that seems to imply his support of cycling.
His cycling ads need to be subvertised too.

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