Monday, August 21, 2006


This MP3 player is a feckin' godsend to me. It may be my AS, but I find it very difficult to make music decisions at times, ie, choosing what I want to listen to. The MP3 player takes the decision making out of my hands. I've got 200 odd fave tunes, and the rest is made up of new albums, classics, and downloaded stuff.
At the moment I've got a jazz section on there - loads of Count Basie early stuff, big band style - and plenty of old style, 30s jazz. And about a dozen tracks from John Coltrane.
I've also got Van Morrisson's 'Contractual Obligation' on there - very funny - and downloadable for free. Recommended.
Plus, Elvis Costello's Delivery Man, Wilco's double album, two CDs by Polyphonic Spree, the last Pulp CD, a soul section, a funk section, a reggae section, Viva Hate by Morrissey, about 50 alternative country tracks, and a whole Steve Earle album.
The only problem is the long winded method I have to use to put tracks on it. I don;t have much memory on my laptop so I have to rip each track first, and then move it into my player. Takes forever. I'm holding out for a bigger laptop so I can stick all my music on there.

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