Monday, August 21, 2006

The Real Terrorists

I was reading the Independent on Friday and checked up on the latest regarding 24 (now 23) arrested for an alleged bomb plot on August 9th / 10th (crap memory).
I was pretty sure that nothing would turn up in the investigation and that all 23 would be released without charge, or with very minor charges brought. Last week there were bulletins on the BBC that claimed that a "bomb making kit" had been found and martyr videos on computers.
Reading the articles in the Indie quite closely I discovered that both these bits of news came from "unconfirmed police source" and the story about the martyr video was "believed" to originate from American Intelligence source.
Sounds a bit vague to me. Sounds a bit like, its not true but we're gonna put it about in the press for a while, both to stoke up public fears, prop up this fictitious bomb plot for a while, secure court permission to hold these innocent young people for a bit longer.
I worry now that they're going to end up being extradited to America.
And then a story that was really depressing. A plane load of the scummiest English chavs - flying back on a Monarch airline plane, from malaga in Spain - decided they didn;t want two Indian blokes on the plane with them. They played up enough to get these two innocent men arrested. They were eventually released with no charge. I'd have arrested every motherfucking one of those English twats until the plane was fit to take off.
And I would have charged them! What with? I'd have found something. Hijacking a plane might have been a good one.
So who are the real terorrists? I'm reading "Trail of the Octopus" at the moment. This book tells the story of a DIA agent fleeing for his life to Sweden because of what he knew about Flight 103 which blew up over Lockerbie in 1988. It appears that our governments are so involved in running, supplying, training, and doing business with para-military groups in the Middle East that there is a very grey area dividing what we call "intelligence operations" and "terrorist operations". The other thing that has been highlighted for me is how much the intelligence organisations manipluate what appears in the press. How many journalists work for the DIA, CIA, MI5, MI6? How many newspaper owners work for these organisations? How many spook generated stories end up in our headlines? After Lockerbie, the US and UK managed to persuade the whole world to believe a politically convenient story they'd concocted completely at odds with the reality. No the press is joining in with framing 23 innocent muslims in the UK, and don;t forget the one in Pakistan who was arrested two days earlier. He's probably being tortured, and the UK doesn't seem particuarly keen to intevervene.

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