Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm too tired to think of a Title for this...

The week has just ended, i make it about 13 minutes past midnight, and the weekend is here. My work phone hasn't rung today so I assume that nothing went wrong. I'm exhausted. Last Friday S. kept me awake all night. Not what you might think, but I remember being really pissed off at 6 am and getting out of bed, drinking coffee, and falling asleep on the sofa to "Stoned" on DVD.
I took Tuesday off, but wasn't really capable of doing much. Slept in, went to pub and had breakfast - S. paid - went to laundrette. And then I took today off too. Got to the library, did a bit of shopping, watched "Sopranos" on DVD.
Haven;t had a drink for two days. I overdid it on Wednesday night when S stayed at my place. Ultimately I hope it improves my sleeping pattern, and causes me to lose weight. I might be able to save a little bit of cash too.
The cat's snoring beside me. He's been attention seeking all day, but finally ran out of energy.
Anyway - that's enough shit from me today.

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