Monday, August 14, 2006

terror raid - the list of those abducted by police:

British "Terror" Raids in august 2006

Those arrested:

Ahmed, Smith

Abdula Ahmed Ali

Cossor Ali

Shazad Khuram Ali

Nabeel Hussain

Tanvir Hussain

Umair Hussain

Umar Islam

Waseem Kayani

Assan Abdullah Khan

Waheed Arafat Khan

Osman Adam Khatib

Abdul Muneem Patel

Tayib Rauf

Muhammed Usman Saddique

Sarwar, Amjad

Assad Sarwar

Ibrahim Savant

Amin Asmin Tariq;

Shamin Mohammed Uddin

Waheed, Abdul

Waheed Zaman

These are the arrests that led to the ridiculous charade last week, that left thousands of people's holidays cocked up, and now 24 people arrested for being muslims.
I'd be surprised if any of these did anything remotely illegal - in the terrorism sense anyway. Although I'm sure the police could invent a few irrelevent charges for a few of them - "looking funny at a police officer" or "wearing muslim dress and attending a mosque
The original "intelligence" seems to have come from one of the British suspect'sbrother who was almost certainly tortured by police in Pakistan and forced to finger a load of innocent people he knew back in England.

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