Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It's fecking hot here. I'm pouring sweat just sitting at my desk. No air conditioning you see.
There's quite a lot of pressure coming with this project I'm working on at moment, so far from winding down in the heat, i'm working harder than ever before, and struggling.
Saw a band last night with a friend - a country band called The Hacienda Brothers. I met them afterwards, bought a CD from Hank, and got three of them to autograph the CD.
S. uploaded my Lambeth Country Show pictures from over a week ago. I cam away with all boxes on my wish list filled. I bought a Venus Flytrap for £7.50 - which is sitting in my kitchen window; a gallon of cider for £11 which I drank at the weekend; two obscure American books, one about native Americans, and another about girl gangs in movies.
Brockwell Park
I've restarted work on my book; picked up the 1946 to 1974 section to work on it. I reckon I've had some insights from that McNamara documentary which I saw over the weekend.
I've also started looking into the UK's secret service - I'm putting together a history and trying to keep an account of what is currently going on. Brown allies are systematically being smeared, sacked or forced to resign just as Blair is trying to wriggle out of his alledged promise to hand power over to his former political ally.
It'll be interesting if Blair manages to stay loyal to Israel now that its fairly obvious war crimes are being committed. If Blair does stay loyal - considering that he was manouvred into power by Zionist backers, it's quite likely he'll have little choice in the matter - then it should be the final nail in the coffin of Blair's political career.
We can all hope, anyway.

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