Monday, December 07, 2009

As It Occurs To Me

Finally bought a ticket to see As It Occurs To Me, Richard Herring's almost improvised, hastily scripted weekly podcast. I've ben listening to it for free on my MP3 player but thought I ought to go and see it being recorded at least once.

It was not a good evening for me. I was far too tired to go anywhere having not slept the night before. But I cycled down to Leicester Square and unknowingly chained my bike up to someone else's. Unforgivable really.

then went for a pint (pic below) to kill time. I had timed it perfectly for ten past eight - the time it usually starts. But a Stewart Lee performance knocked Herring back till much later.

But even tiredness did not stop me from enjoying the show. It's not often I can go to see something that just makes me laugh and laugh.

It was after leaving the theatre that I discovered I'd locked onto someone else's bike. I apologised profusely even the though the guy was clearly passive aggressive and made certain remarks about how great his bike was compared to mine. I attempted to make a point about him being much more paranoid about theft than me as a result but it was lost on him, and I was too tired to press the point home properly.

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