Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fuck Off!

OK so I stay behind at work after hours so I can get some work done and I'm having to put with some twat shouting his head off at an accountant - and there is no need for it.

It just so happens that the finance team sit near me - and one manager seems to have got it into his head that walking over to the accountants at 5pm and screaming at them about his budget is going to achieve anything.

I have no idea what the dispute is, I don't care, I just want the shouting to be further away from me, where i can't hear it.

As I understand it the finance team are about to move to another floor - so it might be peace and quiet next week, Health and Safety advisors, who are moving in, are calmer and know about the effects of noise-stress at work. Though, I don't think shouty man is moving, and he might just find someone else to shout at.

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