Monday, December 28, 2009

Nowhere Man

Xmas has been upon us yet again. This year I had a quiet one. The last xmas I spent with my wife is three years ago now. The last two I spent at home with my parents and my sister's family. This year I decided to be grumpy by myself, and it's worked out pretty good.

Work is a doddle this time of year unless you're trying to achieve anything, and then it becomes frustrating as everyone around you turn into laughing chocolate eating goons with silly hats and no attention span. Some people like to go "woo" and "hey" for no good reason. People ahve finally stopped trying to tell me to cheer up now, maybe they're scared, maybe they don;t care, maybe they have finally worked out that I am what I am and nothing will change that.

I tried to get into the xmas cheer. I went to a bike radar drink - connected with no-one and left, not even drunk. Noone noticed me slipping out. Noone will notice my absence next year.

I've decided to stop arguing with climate sceptics (deniers is what I call most of them as they cannot argue using evidence) I've been called gobshite, cleric, evangelist, tree hugger, etc. but noone can prove to me that climate change is either a natural phenomenon or not happening. These deniers really ought to get their story straight as there are many, many incompatible claims being made - the warming is due to natural warming as we come out of the ice age, it is due to volcanoes, due to water vapour, due to methane from cows, the warming isn't happening and the ice melt is due to trees being cut down; it's cooling!!

I show figures from NASA that prove the last 10 years contained 8 of the hottest years in history and some fuckwit latches onto a health warning over rankings not to be taken too seriously....followed by a verbal pummeling to prevent me from explaining what that health warning actually meant - it did not mean the figures were not to be taken seriously just the rankings. that's why it said rankings and not figures. Try explaining that to some of the unscientific garbage i've been talking to in the past few weeks.

Anyway I lost my temper - for very good reason - so I've decided to make a tactical withdrawal from Bike radar for a few months. Maybe the legalistic private school mummy's boy fop will have pissed off by the time i go back.

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Don't bank on it.