Monday, January 12, 2009

Friday 9th of January

This weekend I was planning to start walking the Capital Ring from Woolwich towards Crystal Palace. I printed off the maps, downloaded the MP3 guides, and then didn't do the walk, but I feel like I did!

Friday I felt burnt out - as I usually do after the top management meeting in the morning and then attempting in an extremely noisy office to compile a list of environmental incidents in the past year and start some analysis.
While trying to work I also managed to order a couple of items of clothing - two for one offer on clearance items - both in my size and both under £15, which is the price I get them both for.

In the evening I got the Jubilee Line to North Greenwich and the bus from there to Welling. It took about 2 hours and I was spangled beyond belief. Oh how I hate travelling on buses. Collins and Herring kept me amused though - I'm always one podcast behind due to the fact that my computer at work can never access their podcast on the day it becomes available, presumably due to heavy traffic.

I had the Adam And Joe podcast too, which made me titter.

At home I drank beer, and watched tv, and listened to music, and talked to Paul, and had a curry each. Got to bed around 4 am.

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