Thursday, January 08, 2009

Latest Amazon Order

I received 6 new albums from Amazon just before Xmas. Three by Sparks, two by Rufus Wainwirght and one by Talking Heads.
'Speaking In Tongues' was Talking Heads' 5th studio album, released in 1983, it is also my favourite of their studio albums. Only the live 'The Name Of This Band...' is better in my estimation. I used to have it on tape, so thought it was about time to upgrade.
'A Woofer In Tweeters Clothing' was Sparks' first proper album - and to be honest - haven't really listened to it since it arrived.
'Propaganda' Sparks 1974 release - it is beginning to grow on me although there's no obvious stand-out tracks as yet.
'Big Beat' - Sparks 1976 release - is turning out to be my favourite. "Big Boy", "I Bought The Mississippi River", "Everybody's Stupid", "Throw Her Away (and Get A New One)", and "White Women" are quickly becoming my favourites, even making me laugh out loud while I'm cycling along.
The two Wainwright albums are magnificent and I will be trying to make time to lay back - completely undisturbed -  and listen to them properly.

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