Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Gaza pounded amid push for truce
The UN's relief agency, Unrwa, says part of its HQ in Gaza was set on fire after being hit by Israeli shell fire. BBC news headlinesWhen is someone going to deal with this?

Miliband regrets 'war on terror'
The idea of a "war on terror" is a "mistake", putting too much emphasis on military force, Foreign Secretary David Miliband has said.
BBC news headlines
It's too late, it's stating the bleeding obvious, and tha man's a fuckwit. But this time, he's right. I would guess this is the beginning of trying to suck up to Obama, it's a pity they didn't have more back-bone during the last 8 years and st and up to the Neo-Cons. I blame Blair and New Labor - sorry Labour - for the mess we're now in just as much as I blame Bush.

New runway will demolish village
A few posh Tories lose their homes and Boris Johnson is right behind them. Does he give a fuck about the thousands in Camberwell blighted by the constant aeroplane noise? I doubt it.
I've decided to support the third runway - fuck the rich. Airlines are all going bust anyway.
Obama's 'Beast' of a car revealed

Bendy gadget future for graphene
A remarkable material called graphene could soon be used to make flexible and transparent high-speed electronics, researchers say.
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