Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday already!

I hadn;t realised how mediocre Old Harry's Game was until last night. Once you've invested in what turned out to be four hours of your time in order to travel to a venue, sit around in a "hospitality" suite for an hour, and then sit through two recordings and re-recordings where errors were made, then you start seriously questioning the worth of the material on offer. The jokes are mostly old, and often not very funny. Only the mention of sticking badges up the arseholes of angels made me laugh out loud. Nothing else did. Therefore my contribution to the recording is extremely slim, although I did clap quite a lot.
The actors were Andy Hamilton (the writer and playing Satan), Jimmy Mulville, Robert Duncan (formerly in Drop The Dead Donkey), Annette Crosbie (One Foot In The Grave, Calendar Girls), Philip Pope, and Michael Fenton Stevens. Paul Mayhew-Archer was producing - and told us a few jokes at the start to warm us up.

Thanks to the Woolwich link (abreviated to W'wich Arsenal on the DLR information boards because the alternative would be Woolwich Arse) got back to W'wich around 11.00, home by 11.30, and eating fish and chips, drinking wine and watching Seinfeld shortly after midnight.

Of course all this sitting up late type behaviour is playing havoc with me getting into work on time, thank the lord for informal flexi time. But next week I start at our Holborn office, so informal flexi time goes out fo the window and I ahve to start getting up at 7.30 and getting into work by 9.00.

My clothes order came today. The nice Irish woman, short, attractive, a bit like Ellaine from Seinfeld, came over with the parcel and asked if I was the person addressed on the label. She only knows me as Steve. In it are the items I ordered - I tried them on in the loo - very nice.

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