Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

It's 5 O'Clock and for the past two hours the office has been filling up with people, and now feels more like a social venue than a place of work, with laughter and loud conversation coming from all directions, and I CANNOT CONCENTRATE ENOUGH TO GET ANY WORK DONE. So I'm putting wheels in motion for my change of location, where I suspect a quieter atmosphere persists.
Deaths in Gaza have passed the 1000 mark. I've been watching the news on this since it started over xmas, and could see the pro Israel propaganda machine kicking in on about day three of the slaughter. The timing seems to be to get one last mass murdering action in before GW hands over to Obama.
I can't help thinking - What bastards! - and us too for letting it happen. There is no defence that Israel can use to justify this slaughter, the deaths of hundreds of civilians, and a one sided slaughter of the elected authorities in Gaza.
Of to see a recording of Radio Four's Old Harry's Game in the minute. It's an enjoyable programme and this must be the third series at least. I put in for a Mozza Radio 2 special ticket too, but will have to wait to hear if I get one.

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