Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whinging Savers

Savers are whinging about low interest rates. It's not just whinging either, it's self righteous whinging too, indignant against those who are in debt.

What do they think the interst rate is? It's a payment received for lending money. You invest it. The bank lends it. The borrow gets into debt and pays interest. The bank puts some of that interest into your account. Without debtors there would be NO INTEREST accruing on invested money.

So enough with the self righteous whinging already! You were happy to take advantage of the good times, and the foolish banks' foolish policy of overlending becasue it paid YOU a higher interest rate. But those times are over. Get over yourself. You had it good and now you don't. I mean who do you think should pay your interest rate now? And on what basis if lending has stopped?

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