Monday, January 12, 2009

Saturday 10th January

It was so nice in bed that I didn't get out. I've got everything at hand in bed with the exception of the toilet, which was finally why I did make the relatively painless journey - about 10 feet - into the loo to empty my bladder.

Got back into bed and listened to Adam And Joe. Wonder how I can get a coffee without getting up. Finally at 12 I emerged, be-gowned, hair sticking up, and headed for the kettle, and cold bombay potatoes for breakfast.

Still have some sorting out to do in my room. I've managed to sort out a lot of my clothes I have odd things on the floor, on the bed, hanging up in random places. I've hung up my T Shirts, shirts, trousers into drawers, etc. I've left other drawers for electrical stuff like walkman and USB leads, all my bathroom stuff in one drawer.

my books have been stacked - all the US history stuff in one big pile, lifestyle and music stuff where I can reach it from the bed.

Once I was up and dressed decided to have a stroll up the high street.

Trawled the charity shops and found an old book on Tony Hancock, and another on Buddhism. Went to the library and took out Will Self's Book of Dave and Charles Bukowski's Post Office. Finally went to the Turkish supermarket - olives, taramasolata, hummus, chick peas, diced lamb, etc, and nipped to Lidl for some basics, pitta bread, onions, milk.

Finished off bottle of wine and beer in evening, cooked fish and chips, read - went to pub with Paul at 9.30....followed up by drunken conversation intot he early hours accompanied by a random selection of tracks from my mp3 player.

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