Monday, August 17, 2009

Blood On The Tracks

While still shaking after a speeding van at a junction rushed through the gap between me and a vehicle to my right just as I was moving off after the lights went green - must remember to always stop in the centre of the lane in future - I passed several police vehicles, and an ambulance parked outside Southwark station. Police were interviewing people, and then I saw what I didn't want to see: a smashed up motorbike and splashes of fresh blood over the road.
I kept going - didn;t let my Haemophobia kick in.
This is almost the spot that last week I saw a motorbike tumbling towards me from across the junction, hit the central reservation, and continue on for another 5 feet or so.
That time the guy was OK - he got up and walked - but the bike looked completely f**ked.

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