Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unidentified Flying Motorbike

Passed what looked like quite a serious accident today - then a rumour on Bikeradar started that the cyclist involved had died - which left me a little shaken. Then around 1 pm the cyclist involved - not dead - came on and posted - said he was ok apart from minor cuts and that.

Cause - speculation that a motorbike going too fast on London Bridge (claims made that bikers unleash up to 100mph along that stretch of road at times - I can confirm mucho speeding goes on along there by motorbikers) and unable to stop when a bus pulled out - went flying across from southbound to northbound side of carriageway and cyclist got a flying motorbike straight in his face.

I passed as he was getting cleaned up by a woman who happened to be nearby - he needed stitches to his lip apparently.

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