Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ingrams - good points well made.

Richard Ingrams in the Independent:

Two good little articles from Ingrams this week. The first about the little stitch-up going on surrounding convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdul al-Megrabi. The man certainly was not responsible blowing up Pan Am 103. Jack Straw has seen fit to release this man ahead of his iminent death from cancer on the basis that he will drop the forthcoming apeal.

Ingrams puts the injustice and incompetence involved in this case in the same league as the imprisoning of the Guildford Four or the Birmingham six.

The second article involves two of the extreme Zionists surrounding Blair, Sir Martin Gilbert and Sir Lawrence Freedman have been appointed to sit on the Iraqi war inquiry.

Gilbert has publicly compared Bush and Blair to Roosevelt and churchill, while Freedman has associated with neo-con Daniel Pipes and referred on C4 to the "rather noble criteria" of the illegal invasion of Iraq, which was in reality aimed at shoring up oil supplies and improving Isreal's security.

Don't expect much from this inquiry.

Wikipedia on Lockerbie

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