Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Dream of Zombies

A strange new wrinkle in my dream armoury: last night I dreamt I was travelling to a desert country exactly where Egypt is, but not Egypt. I was staying at the YHA Hostel which was on an exactly circular piece of land and revolved.

Kylie Minogue was also staying at the Hostel - she was attending the same event I was there for and I knew I'd be sitting at a table with her present at some point - like a pre-event meeting. However she was being a spoilt shit and abusing the staff - a lot of staff for a YHA. I wondered that with her money why she was staying at a YH - but it sort of made more sense in the dream.

Next I was in a room - there was a bed, and there were three of us in there. One of the other guys was picking up some insects and explaining that although they looked quite dangerous they were actually extremely dangerous.Apparently the spider I could see would crawl onto your face while asleep and piss on your lips, which caused a little bit of flesh to liquify and it would suck it up. I imagined waking up with little holes in my lips, and I wasn't happy. Imagined going to sleep with blanket over face, but feared suffocation.

I was in a crowded market place. I was with a person who suddenly became a zombie though he wasn't violent, just zobified - dead but still standing. I realised then that the insects were burrowing into people's heads and taking control of their brains. I knew I was at risk and suddenly realised everyone around me was in some way affected - like a scene from bodysnatcher i had to pretend to be one of them. I last remember trying to refuse that a society could function like this.

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