Monday, August 24, 2009

Evil Cows!

A bigger problem than hitherto realised. Some of those commenting even suggest a conspiracy theory by farmers - or that it is foreign cows that are to blame. funny nothing about dole claiming scrounging cows taking our fields!! Wonder if any of them have fidled their bovine expenses.

I've had a bad cow experience though in the early 90s, I walked my aunt's dog. They live near the east coast of Scotland, 50 miles north of Aberdeen. The farmers there own all the land apparently and there are no rights of way other than the road. So i managed to find a field to walk the dog, and being a bloody idiot sheepdog it ran straight for cows. Well, better than chasing after cars I thought. then the cows went berzerk and all started trying to trample the dog. I thought the dog was dead for sure. After franic shouting I got the dog to come back to me and back on its lead. From the article it's clear that it's dogs they hate, not people. If you are attacked by cows walkin g your dog, let the dog off its lead and run.

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