Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shaking my Bits To the Hits, ohh...

The pressure's on at work. This'll be my third external audit now, so I'm an old veteran. I've got managers out looking for documentation which we'll need to have as evidence. I know it exists, but where, who knows?
I'm attempting to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat here.

I've just bought a new MP3 player - as one of my old ones has expired - quietly in its sleep. The new player is doing me proud - 4Gb - 560 songs so far - reckon I could get 700 on there without compromising on the sound quality.

I'm still trying to navigate my way round the menus which are quite complex - but they're not too nuch of a problem. It's certainly easier to use than my old Zen Nano, and with a nice big screen so I can se clearly what is playing. It's easy to find individual songs, you can search by song, artist, album or genre.

Another great feature is being able to select random play from amongst little played songs - this ensures that you get to hear everything on there. Or you could select to play from amongst the most played - if you want to hear your favourites....or even make up your own playlists - very handy this.

Musical highlights so far loaded include Emotional Rescue, The Stones; Never Mind The Bollocks; Jerusalem by Steve Earle; Journey To The East - Monkey; Fairport Convention's Greatest Hits; Blood Money, Tom Waits; Funhouse, The Stooges; Lust for Life, Iggy Pop; Nebraska, Springsteen; Portishead by Portishead; Rage against The Machine by Rage against The Machine; Speaking In Tongues, Talking Heads; The Stone Roses by the Stone Roses; and many more...

Second counselling session today. Quite positive.

Listened to In Our Time today - the one about the history time - might post an overview here if I get enough of that temporal stuff - although I really have to question what I mean by that... I keep meaning to spend more time reading about science, you know. Melvin Bragg is a great presenter though - I love it when he has to step in to tell the dusty old acadmeics off for arguing....though Bragg is clearly on thin ice when discussing science...and these shows are definitely weaker as a result.

Looking back over my blog - you know there's some good stuff there - stuff I'm pleased to have written. now that I have internet access I'm going to try to get more of my photos up - many of which i took for this blog but then had no way of uploading them.

it's been 8 days since my last drink, think i'm over the depression now, the rest should be easy. i'm going to see if i can keep going till december...but i'll have a drink on my birthday...and probably fall down pissed after just half a pint.

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