Friday, August 21, 2009

What Do You Know About Bats?

The four day environmental audit is over. I am burnt out, but I expect I'll be ok after a few days off.

I had to deal with bats today - or at least our vegetation control guys have found a hole in a tree that looks like a probable bat colony. Trouble is it's in tree where the branches are dying, and it's likely that it'll come down in the next load of windy weather we get.

So - rather than letting the tree come down and lose the bat colony - which might upset local bat groups - we're going to bring in an ecologist to, first of all asess whether it actually is a bat colony, and secondly, to give us ideas for how to deal with the situation. I'm all for getting in touch with local bat groups to see what they think - but I'll have to wait to see what the ecologist has to say first.

this does seem to be an early benefit of the dissolution of the central environment team. Now I get to be involved in the frontline stuff. I've told the vege guys i want to attend any visit to the location with the ecologist.

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