Friday, September 04, 2009

A day off! Hadn't realised how hard I was working. The audit's been over 2 weeks now, I'm still feeling worn out. Applying for my own job, & having no boss or support at all through the audit process has really taken it out of me. ...Now I have to study for the IEMA exam in October, & will shortly be taking over responsibilty for the EMS of our manufacturing division, the Engineering division, and depot stores! Phew!
So today all I'm doing is messing about on the internet, fixing my bike, playing music and later, will watch the third part of the Children of Dune mini series. I might just end up reviewing our new legal compliance document his afternoon though....(I didn't).
I was invited to the launch of the 10:10 campaign - annoyed now that I didn't go, however I was so tired I could barley stay upright. I haven't even been to the Climate Camp on Blackheath yet. Where's that old fire gone!?!
I'll tell you where that old fire's gone - ground down in endless paperwork. Being a poacher turned gamekeeper, I still keep feeling that the best approach is confontation: climbing fences, occupying sites, putting up banners & doing pr...ess interviews. Now I'm on the other's hard work to get a large company to change its culture from 'don't care' to world class. I'd say I'm about half way there now though.

Drax protesters:
these men and women have already done their community service as far as I'm concerned

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