Monday, September 21, 2009

Hooray! It's Autumn.

I love this time of year - despite the fact that winter is fast approaching, there is something about the light at this time of year.

And I'm back on the bike. managed to get home in just over an hour today - may be my fastest time yet - an average of 15 mph - not bad for an old git like me.

I've got a full day of meetings tomorrow - not even time for lunch - barely time to travel between meetings. The one in the afternoon is quite likely to be stressful as well; union reps will be in attendance; these meetings tend to be quite confrontational, and i don;t get paid enough....

I'll be looking to my boss to stand up for me, as it is his strategic plan which i have been following for the past two months - i'm not disagreeing with it - he's been correct all down the line - it's just that he's in a better place to defend himself than i am.

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