Monday, September 14, 2009

Feck off!!!!!

Ok - I've been in a foul mood all day. I only got to sleep at about 3.30 this morning and when I'm tired I get ratty. I am really ratty right now.

I'm getting annoyed about things that I can normally tolerate. Effing drinks machine has run out of milk. It's always effing running out of milk!! And yet it's always being serviced, so what's the problem? Now I'm drinking black coffee and I've already got a headache.

The Zen Mozaic keeps playing the same sodding songs when i put it on random. That's NOT random!!!!

Too tired to ride today _ I would have crashed, ridden into a lorry, or just blown up and had massive road rage at every other vehicle ont he road.

It was the sodding television that kept me up last night - with the volume right up till 3 in the morning. I blanked it out by listening to music on my noise reducing headphones, but I still didn;t sleep!!!!

I did get to listen to Prefab Sprout, Lightning Seeds and Gillan Welch albums whilst lying on my back in the dark, occasionally dropping off, but always waking again, until finally at 3.30 I heard the noises of my co-habitant going to bed, and all was quiet, as long I could drop off before the sodding birds started up.

I dreamt I was in a muslim theme park - part of Afghanistan that had been cleared and declared safe. Camels slept on little shelves half way up cliff faces. I had three women with me - and I loved them all. We were travelling back to England, on foot/ by bus depending which bit of the dream you believe. As we entered Blighty we passed a man in a fez and then an Anglican priest blessing each and everyone of us, to help remove the taint of islam from us. I thought "ha! He doesn;t know but he's just blessed a pagan".

I joined the Greenwich University website today as an alumni - I didn;t know such a service was available. Will sign up for the Facebook site too.

Added Beggars Banquet by the Stones, March To Fuzz by Mudhoney, Doolittle - The Pixies, Parallel Lines, Blondie, Indiscreet by sparks, Drums and Wires - XTC, Led Zep Box set disc 1, a concert by Tom Lehrer, American IV by Johnny Cash, Countdown - Pulp, to my Zen MP3 player yesterday.

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